Vanishing Thoughts

A love born in the ashes of a relationship gone wrong,
I thought it would make a good subject for a song.
Can I explain why I have this desire
To let a woman set my heart on fire,
The craving coming with unknown cause
Perhaps relating to natural laws?
People are kind if they have enough time,
But it’s getting late and I’m running out of wine.
Did I fall into someone’s arms to feel the pain of our separation
Because these palpitations of the heart are a gift beyond explanation?
Even though I felt like enough was enough,
What kind of person disappears when the going gets rough?
Memories don’t wash away easily
Especially those that become your reason to be.
Is it easier to fall in love when your heart is broken?
Is that one of the truths that is rarely spoken?
Do you taste something you want to seek it again and again
Like in a game that starts over each time you win?
Adapting the kind of lukewarm stance that will keep you from getting hurt,
You give up on a path already taken, and lie down in the dirt.
Do I go around thinking about what other people think of me
Knowing that at the same time my self-image is based on what only I can see?
Do we do anything with all the information we store
Or do we unquestioningly prepare ourselves for more?
People struggle for a piece of fame
But end up dying just the same.
Sometimes it’s not about whether or not you win,
It’s about whether you get a chance to dance again.
Your material conditions have a way of defining your relations,
You need to transcend those to find deeper sensations.
Bad luck is a chance to observe what you wouldn’t have seen otherwise,
And groping in the dark at least leaves you with a sense of surprise.
On a train to nowhere I take a seat,
When all of a sudden I start to feel the heat.
Feeling washed out in waves of scorn,
Waiting for fresh thoughts to be born,
Breaking down the walls in my mind,
Seeking truths that are hard to find…



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