Warm Bloods


The road’s out there calling,
A woman there is falling,
And still I find myself in such a state.
A baby’s out there hollering,
And nobody seems to be bothering,
To figure out a way to change our fate.

We’re just going through the motions,
Living with silly notions,
Following the orders of someone who’s lost his mind.
We’re just driving past a car wreck,
Waiting for a pay check,
Not bothering to see what we might find.

The love you find you have to lose
Is the kind that forces you to choose
Between friendship and a kiss.
It’s the in-between I miss.
Between the sheets I dream away,
But there’s nothing like the mind at play.

Swimming with dolphins and loping among gazelles,
While newspapers say it’s only sex that sells.
Is it really that sexy to see what you can’t touch?
Does it really please anyone that much
To watch the incarnation of somebody’s dream
Dance across the screen like spilled whipped cream?

Am I stuck in my thoughts again?
Whatever happened to some weird sin?
My navel’s looking kind of old.
I’m feeling a little stiff, but rather bold.
I’m just kicking it with the warm bloods,
Waiting to hear of new floods.

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