News about the Documentary

Winner of an Accolade Global Film Competition Award

“What’s Going On with Wolves?” has won an Award of Merit in the Documentary Feature category in the Accolade Global Film Competition. Currently in its 11th year, the Accolade Global Film Competition evaluates the work of filmmakers from around the world. Judges base their decisions on the quality, creativity and technical aspects of each piece.

Winner of Award of Recognition from the Impact DOCS Awards Festival

“What’s Going On with Wolves?” has won an Award of Recognition from the Impact DOCS Awards Festival. The mission of the Impact DOCS Awards is “to support and promote filmmakers who are making a difference in the critical issues of our times through producing impactful documentaries.”

Winner for Best Editing of a Documentary at Milan Film Festival

The film won the award for Best Editing of a Documentary at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milan.

Bronze Award Winner from International Independent Film Awards

“What’s Going On with Wolves?” has won a bronze award in the Documentary Feature category from the International Independent Film Awards–“dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the many talented independent filmmakers and artists from around the world who share their visions in a powerful, creative and entertaining way.”

Selected by Magwill Film Festival

“What’s Going On with Wolves?” was one of five films selected in the category of “Best Documentary Film” for the 4th Magwill Film Festival Contest of 2015.

Winner of Sierra Nevada Award from Mountain Film Festival

With a mission to enlighten, celebrate, and enrich, the Mountain Film Festival fosters appreciation for the art of movie making and its power to inspire and communicate a richness of ideas and cultures. “What’s Going On with Wolves?” won a Sierra Nevada Award from the 2016 Mountain Film Festival in the Documentary Competition.

Accepted by the Florida Movie Festival

The Florida Movie Festival, which took place this March in Daytona Beach, was accepted “What’s Going On with Wolves?”. The theme of this year’s festival was passion.

Selected by StarDoc International Documentary Film Festival

“What’s Going On with Wolves?” was one of four official selected films in the category of “Best Animal Documentary” for the StarDoc 2016 International Documentary Film Festival.

Silver Award from the Los Angeles Film Review

“What’s Going On with Wolves?” was selected for a silver award by Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards.

Finalist of the 2016 American Movie Awards

The 2016 American Movie Awards selected “What’s Going On with Wolves?” as an official finalist.

Honorable Mention Award for the 2016 Indie Gathering International Film Festival

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival in Hudson, Ohio has given an honorable mention award to “What’s Going On with Wolves?”

Screening at the Festival of Globe in San Jose

After being accepted by the Festival of Globe, on August 7, 2016, the documentary was shown at the Camera 12 Cinemas in downtown San Jose. A Q & A followed the screening.

Three Award Nominations from Festival in Milan

The film received nominations from the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milan, Italy for Best Director of a Short Documentary, Best Editing of a Documentary and Scientific & Educational. The documentary is scheduled to be shown in Milan on December 2nd, 2016.