Comments about the Documentary

“I wish the best success in distributing this as widely as possible.”
Professor Luigi Boitani, Chairman of Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe
Rome, Italy

“Excellent documentary. It is very fast-paced and factual.”
Dr. Maureen Hackett, President & Founder of Howling for Wolves
Hopkins, Minnesota

“I had a look at the wolf video and wanted to say ‘wow’!  The story is presented with great care and understanding, and I can only imagine the effort that went into finding and arranging interviews with these thoughtful experts. I especially loved the Italian professor and am glad Europe is taking what seems to be the ‘right’ path between nature and culture.”
Jamie Jensen
New York, New York

“The documentary is really well done. The issue is approached from different points of view to bring out the complexity: the video addresses a problem in which each speaker has his/her reasons, and where there needs to be an effort of mediation to achieve a result that will help everybody. In this regard, the documentary is balanced and allows the formation of an opinion from the different views expressed. The result transcends the issue of wolves and causes reflection in more general terms–about the need to analyze various positions, without starting from dangerous prejudices.”
Marzia Trotta
Milan, Italy

“The documentary is very informative.”
Brian Paeper
Los Angeles, California

“I loved this piece. The tender care given to the work is excellent. I wish there were also stories woven in about bears and panthers.”                                                                                                                         Eric Raddatz, Founder of Fort Myers Film Festival and Naples International Film Festival

“The story crosses two continents: America and Europe.  The story ranges from Italy to the west part of the American Rockies and Montana.  The speakers were very well versed in their understanding of how people fear wolves, and their protection under the Endangered Species Act. Great care and understanding were given to finding interviewers that are well educated about wolves. The audio was very clear, and it was interesting to me how I looked at wolves differently after hearing the speakers talk about the wolves.  We are all brought up to fear them and really they don’t care about us.  This is a great documentary, fast-paced and factual.  Job well done.”

What’s Going on with Wolves? is a perfect example of what a documentary should and can be. It was nearly perfect and did away with the distracting bells and whistles of a much lesser documentary that has no real substance and in its place presented an important work that everyone should see. It might be surprising to hear that there’s not a lot to say about the film other than people should see it. It was perfectly directed, edited and the interviewees were all great in their roles and helped make the documentary an enjoyable experience. My only real criticism, and this is just a personal thing, but I would have loved it to be a little bit longer and provide more relevant information about the stats and statistics. Even with that small issue, I’ll be not only recommending this to everyone, but I’ll also be talking about the cause and using some of the stats presented in the film as my talking points.”

“This film presents both sides of the conflict around wild wolves, both in Europe & North America, but clearly takes a stand on the side of conservationists.  It was a good decision to intercut outdoor scenes of wolves in their natural habitat with the many expert interviews.  Also, the decision to include testimony from several Europeans added another dynamic to the discussion.  All of the interviewees were identified onscreen, sometimes more than once, which kept things clear.  The analysis of the issues was very thorough, nuanced and low key.   The quotations used at the end were excellent.  Maybe some of them could have been worked into the main parts of the film, along with the helpful chapter titles.  The use of the Howlin’ Wolf song was very clever!”

Cleveland International Film Festival