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Wolves are a highly controversial topic, triggering countless legal battles.  The debate about wolves impacts our sense of justice, as we ask ourselves: why are wolves being killed in such large numbers? No other animal receives as much attention from elected officials. (See A House Divided for statetements from U.S. Congressmen about wolves.) The controversy surrounding wolves has also come to test the scope of the Endangered Species Act.

“What’s Going on with Wolves?” is a documentary a little over an hour long exploring topics such as the unfounded fear of wolves, misperceptions about their impact on other wildlife, and the search for effective means to avoid attacks on livestock. This documentary, which includes excerpts from fifteen interviews with people who devote a significant portion of their working life, if not all of it, to wolves, enables viewers to understand an issue that goes basically unreported in day-to-day journalism. Addressing  a dilemma that is normally presented as a fight between environmentalists and livestock owners, “What’s Going on with Wolves?” is as much about human interactions in relationship to wolves as it is about wolves themselves.

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