We Can Be Eros



A vicious glance can never break
A heart in love that cannot take
The streams of tears that never shake.
The shades of solace weakly shake
Memories that stretch too far,
Beneath the sky a lonely star
Yearns to sing like a guitar,
Strumming gently in an open car
Like birds whistling a wistful tune
Denouncing the evening’s crescent moon.
If the sexual union weren’t so frail,
If my lover’s skin weren’t so pale,
If words could lead me out of the abyss,
If lips would join mine in one long kiss,
If a sailor’s last cry were heard at sea,
While a woman dances, but not for me,
If the sun’s light were blinding,
If physical love were binding,
If the tides were not influenced by the moon,
If I fell into someone’s arms too soon,
If tears flowed down my lover’s cheek
While a preacher announced that sex is bleak,
If this planet’s motion left me unable to speak
For circles and circles that barely seek
A ring, a hand, a golden vow,
No empty promise, a spouse’s bow,
‘Cause rivers run freshest at the source
And passion some day must run its course.
If the sky whispered we’d be together,
If the wind whirled in a hushed forever,
My worries they would all go away
Like driftwood into the ocean’s fray,
Like stupid thoughts to pass the day,
For with you I would always stay,
No sob stories to bar my way,
I’m not getting trapped in a one-act play.
Like a silly smile, you pause a while
For fortune to send you off in style.
If sunset skies are not for you,
Tell me where to find what’s true.
Don’t waste time, it’s not too soon,
Join me in my hidden room.
The cries of passion, they’re heard again,
On a mountain peak, the earth will spin.
Jolt me if you can but try,
No empty cup, a lover’s sigh.
Don’t push me into feeling blue,
The nightingales are calling you.
Isolation is no joy,
No lovely lips, no baby’s toy.
The winds they don’t confuse me,
Your whims they don’t amuse me,
Just lay your body beside me,
And show me the courage to excite me.
Stay a while, you won’t regret it,
Share your body or else forget it,
‘cause you know it’s not too soon
for lovers to glow beneath the moon,
my sadness you could alleviate,
straight is the way, open the gate.
Let’s not shed tears over ancient wounds,
The salt, the ocean, the summer swoon
Lay me over breasts laid bare.
The rugged coast, it tends to scare.
Fragile men, they don’t dare
To surrender thoughts in a woman’s hair.
The joy in life is ours to share
With cotton clouds, one golden stair.
Heaven help me through this time alone,
The seeds of sorrow are fairly sown,
The course of nature lies in patience.
Show me a land where beggars wait
For sinners to cry in an empty plate,
The soul is revealed through their eyes.
Find me a land where it’s nobody’s fate
To sit while rich men calculate,
The heart is concealed by their lies.
No gift for me, no gift for you,
We must behave as beggars do
And never bite the hand that feeds us.
The iron hand, it molds us well,
Preaching that rebels will rot in hell,
Killing slowly n torture’s cell,
No concrete facts support the rulers’ spell.
My heart can’t bear the lies they sell,
My voice grows silent with each ringing bell,
Destiny’s call is no lover’s farewell.

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